Create email onboarding sequence to support users throughout the consumer journey and drive sales

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July 06, 2020, 1:27 AM UTC

Educating users about related topics through email sequences can help brands position themselves as thought leaders.

This piece suggests setting up an onboarding email sequence can help educate users about product use and enhance engagement throughout trial periods. Designing the onboarding flow and user experience logically and highlighting critical product features can help brands improve conversion and retention rates.

Having a clear purpose for each email and supporting users throughout their customer journey allows for a successful onboarding process. Automate onboarding email sequences based on time and action triggers to segment audiences and craft personalised emails.

Personalising and automating onboarding emails like welcome emails, first-step emails, call-to-action emails, and more can increase their effectiveness. Creating emails with valuable content like tutorial videos and sharing brand perspective is recommended to build trust and brand affinity.

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