Brands need to study the user’s digital body language to get digital CX right

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July 03, 2020, 4:16 PM UTC

Customers value the ability to provide a smooth online user experience over everything else.

This piece says that brands need to take pre-emptive action to find out the areas where they are lagging, for providing a good customer experience. Marketers can achieve this by studying the user’s digital body language. Multiclicks, for instance, can point to a slow-loading page or a broken link. 

A study by Decibel found that user frustration with digital CX is common. These frustrations are most conspicuous in the insurance industry, followed by finance and retail and usually manifest as multiclick behaviour and erratic device rotations.

Brands that have a seamless digital customer experience will stand out from their competitors, have better conversions and earn the loyalty of their customers. This realisation is slowly making digital CX the centrepiece of C-suite conversations, elbowing out the traditional four Ps of marketing.

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