Brands should avoid buzzwords on social media profiles

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July 02, 2020, 6:23 PM UTC

Marketers should use a warm and human voice even on professional networks like LinkedIn.

This piece suggests effective ways of enhancing businesses’ social media profiles to make them compelling for the audiences. Brands should avoid using corporate jargon in their posts and look for words or phrases that stand true to all business types.

Marketers should avoid using the language that can hurt historically oppressed groups of people and stick with using more inclusive language. This can help them potentially avoid offending groups and be more appealing to the audience. For instance, brands can use the word “passionately” instead of “insanely”.

Instead of describing themselves in elaborate terms, brands should focus on conveying what value they can provide to the audiences. Marketers should also use their social media profiles to explain what they expect out of their audiences.

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