Brands need a holistic approach to digital display advertising to derive better value

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July 02, 2020, 6:03 PM UTC

The recent ISBA research has put programmatic media buying in the crosshairs.

Advertisers need to realise that while transparency in programmatic will give them more control, it does not guarantee better results. Brands have become overly concerned with the tech-stack and are not paying attention to factors that actually offer a better ROI.

With 90% of display ads being viewed for less than a second, marketers are clearly failing to create advertisements that grab customer eyeballs. CPMs should be connected to audience attention. They can be measured by deploying eye-tracking studies, A/B tests or AI-based solutions.

Marketers also need to abandon a one-size-fits-all thinking and tailor ads for digital. Repurposing advertisements from other mediums is not an effective strategy as digital does not allow time for nuanced storytelling.

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