Brands must identify marketing campaigns’ KPIs to track their performance and drive sales

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July 02, 2020, 9:03 AM UTC

Track competitors to stay updated on current trends, effective marketing strategies and customer behaviours.

To collect actionable insights and enhance marketing strategies, marketers must measure and analyse their marketing campaigns’ key performance indicators (KPIs). Identifying and measuring relevant KPIs as per marketing goals allows brands to track campaign performance and drive sales.

Measure metrics like page views, session duration, and the number of visitors to have insights on engagement rates and content and campaign performance. Online businesses should track their website’s traffic to determine their sources and gauge performing channels to optimise SEO efforts.

This article suggests using tools like Google Analytics to track website traffic and analyse conversion funnels to enhance the customer journey and improve conversions. Analysing consumer behaviour and market trends can help brands forecast demand, mitigate risks, and boost campaign ROIs.

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