Amid ongoing trends of virtual interactions, in-person meetings still hold importance

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July 02, 2020, 5:33 PM UTC

Virtual interactions are not equipped enough to fully emulate real-world experiences.

This piece argues that though digital engagement is on its way to take the centre-stage as an effective medium of communication, traditional in-person meetings will hold importance even after the pandemic. Face-to-face interactions can help businesses build better relationships by fostering trust and rapport between the people involved in it.

Having a real rapport between the company and its consumers can help increase the chances of the message getting noticed by its prospects. Businesses should further focus on building trust among their audiences to boost their confidence towards the brand.

The author contends that digital interactions are also useful for discussing agendas and updates, especially in political, commercial and not-for-profit sectors. Digital interactions are time-efficient and cost-effective as they enable people to communicate in real-time, cutting back on the need for travelling.

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