Voice search usage has gone flat-to-declining this year, reveals survey

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July 01, 2020, 9:37 AM UTC

Perficient Digital surveyed US adults about their use of voice search and virtual assistants.

Despite witnessing a steady growth for over a decade, the usage of voice searches and virtual assistants have gone flat this year. The majority of people still manually enter text into a search app, browser or search bar to look for any information.

The article contends that though the overall “search” volume may be expanding, smart speakers are not necessarily a search substitute for other devices. The majority (56%) of survey respondents either never use smart speakers to search for information or use them less than twice a week.

According to the survey, flat-to-declining usage of voice searches could potentially be because of the virtual assistants’ inability to understand user commands or questions properly. “Improved accuracy” and “better comprehension” of voice searches can generate additional usage frequency in the future.

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