Marketers should be careful while deploying influencer marketing during the pandemic

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July 01, 2020, 6:21 PM UTC

A poorly implemented influencer campaign can be a PR nightmare. 

With most people relying on social media for communication during the pandemic, Influencer marketing is exceptionally placed to reach out to consumers. But, marketers should be careful while deploying such campaigns, as a misstep can easily backfire. 

Brands should be careful of the tone of their influencer marketing campaigns and be mindful of the general public mood. Instead of touting product benefits, these campaigns should be used to highlight recent charitable initiatives undertaken by the organisation.

Influencers should inject a healthy dose of humour in the campaigns without making light of the pandemic or cracking inappropriate jokes. All influencer campaigns must be vetted by the marketers to ensure that they are not tone deaf or making unsubstantiated claims about treating COVID-19.

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