Businesses should analyse their audiences’ search intent to create SEO-friendly blog content

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July 01, 2020, 4:20 PM UTC

They should use search intent to find out the most searched keywords or phrases.

This piece suggests SEO strategies that marketers can use to boost their blog’s ranking, attract users and drive traffic to the website. But, businesses should first define their target audiences and assess their search intent, to create content that specifically addresses user needs.

Marketers should focus on improving the readability of their blog posts to help readers easily understand the core message. Blogs can be enhanced by structuring them properly and introducing proper formatting. Content creators can also include relevant images to enhance the user experience of their blogs.

Businesses should add relevant keywords in their meta titles, limiting them up to 60 characters. Marketers should further highlight the value of the content in their meta description and add a specific CTA to make it more user-oriented.

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