92% of organisations believe customer service needs more efficiency

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July 01, 2020, 1:34 AM UTC

Kustomer surveyed over 120 customer service professionals across industries.

The study identified an overwhelming 92% of organisations reporting there needs to be more efficiency in customer service. 51% of respondents admitted to there being a greater need for efficiency than a year ago.

56% of agents highlight budgets as being hindrances to implementing efficiency tools. 34% of participants cite the absence of executive buy-in as a challenge. The inability to provide efficient support is seen by 38% of those polled as a challenge in providing efficient customer support.

Too many inquiries is problematic for 29% of respondents. Further, 79% of participants report that customers won’t tolerate having to repeat information. 91% of those surveyed indicate that their customer cannot stand long wait times.

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