Marketers can leverage Facebook personality quizzes to gather useful customer insights

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June 30, 2020, 6:54 PM UTC

More than 87% of marketers say interactive content, such as quizzes, are effective in capturing target audiences’ attention.

Facebook quizzes are useful for businesses to attract new customers and gather data to improve their business strategies. This piece suggests ways how marketers can use Facebook quiz builder to learn about their customers’ demographics, likes and dislikes among others.

Businesses can leverage quiz builder to create personality quizzes for gathering useful customer insights. Customers in such quizzes are required to submit their email addresses to get the results. Their answers are used to assess their preferences and habits that can help marketers make personalised recommendations.

The author states that Facebook quizzes can also be used to boost ad viewership. This feature further uses consumers’ overall online activity data collected by Google and third parties, and then target audiences in ad campaigns.

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