Employ PPC automation tools to calculate bidding strategies and enhance sales

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June 30, 2020, 12:40 PM UTC

Targeting users' search-intent can help brands create effective pay-per-click ad copies.

This article suggests PPC ad strategies brands can employ to dominate search engines and drive sales. Pair PPC ads with compelling landing pages to target buyers’ interest and leverage sign-up forms to effectively promote products and generate leads.

Capitalise on PPC automation tools to identify and calculate best bidding strategies, maximise cost-per-clicks (CPC), analyse ad performances, and more. Creating meaningful PPC video ads with Google’s vertical video ads can help marketers attract potential consumers' attention and support their landing pages.

Brands must explore all PPC platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Amazon Paid ads and integrate them into their PPC strategy to reach a wider and global audience. Building ad campaigns around long-tail and phrasing keyword is recommended to create voice search-friendly copies and target mobile audiences.

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