Brands must implement consent management platforms to comply with GDPR and data-regulation laws

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June 30, 2020, 1:12 PM UTC

Sites operating within the EU must comply with the GDPR guidelines.

To ask consumers’ consent for data collection and use, and to comply with GDPR and data-regulation laws, brands must employ consent management platforms. These platforms can help brands manage user data and information while asking users to grant permission to collect consent.

The platforms can display pop-ups seeking consent and manage user requests to erase or stop tracking data. Businesses that operate with data like finances, track consumer behaviours and transfer data to other companies are advised to use a consent management platform.

Marketers without a consent management platform should block IP addresses from the EU from the websites to avoid being fined over unlawful data collection. The author contends a consent management platform can save brands from being penalised and protect consumers' data efficiently.

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