Gen Z in the US hope for things to get better in the future after COVID-19

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June 29, 2020, 12:08 PM UTC

38% of Gen Z cite YouTube as the one platform they wouldn’t ever want to be without, as per VaynerMedia’s recent survey.

The report states that 49% of Gen Z have become more anxious and 44% believed that COVID-19 is going to affect their future negatively. However, 51% of Gen Z respondents hope for things to get better, not worse, in the future.

Brands like Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Walmart are most loved by Gen Z and they believe bigger brands could drive greater change. Two-thirds of Gen Z say their hobbies and passions have become more important during COVID-19.

Further, over a third of Gen Z look up to their parents as inspiring role models. 75% of Gen Z influence their parents’ habits like trying new food, exercising more, or becoming tech-savvy.

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