Brands need to evolve along with their customers to grow in the new normal

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June 29, 2020, 6:03 PM UTC

Consistently providing seamless digital experiences can bolster trust and loyalty.

This piece examines the trends that brands need to leverage to grow in the post-pandemic world. Businesses should empathise with their customers during the uncertainty by leveraging existing touchpoints through owned media. They can update apps or website content with relevant messaging to build long-term relationships.

Investing in the existing customers by offering promotions, free shipping, trials or extending return policies can help brands earn longevity. Businesses should monitor changes in user behaviour, and then allocate their budgets to the areas that are currently driving engagement.

Marketers also need to segment their existing audiences with a high level of precision using details like user-attributes and engagement behaviour. A cited research shows retargeting audiences with precision can help businesses double their retention rates.

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