Attaching customer reviews with product pages can help brands improve organic traffic

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June 29, 2020, 5:48 PM UTC

The technique can also help avoid issues like content duplication, indexation bloat and keyword cannibalisation.

This piece suggests businesses should include customer reviews along with their product pages to increase organic traffic and conversions. Instead of taking up descriptions from manufacturers' websites, marketers can request their customers to leave product reviews on their web pages. Reviews can increase the ranking chances of product pages for long-tail keywords.

Brands can create a recommendation section on their product pages and link them to other similar products to build internal links. It not only helps improve SEO but also helps customers easily find desired products.

Setting up dynamic indexing on the server can help businesses better deal with discontinued or temporarily unavailable products. It will automatically implement non-indexing tags or set up redirects from unavailable products, saving the brands' websites from bad links.

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