Majority of marketers expect innovation and technology to drive businesses’ future growth

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June 26, 2020, 5:58 PM UTC

ANA’s report highlights’ the role of innovation and technology in a brands’ success.

Despite an overwhelming majority of marketers believing innovation and technology will be the engines of future growth and brand building, most are yet to prioritise adapting and learning about those practices. 84% of marketers expect brand growth to depend on innovation and technology. Only 45% of the marketers, however, reported spending less time on both.

More than half of marketers said they are prepared to deal with anticipated innovation and technology issues for the next two years. Marketers further said they prefer interactive labs, demonstrations, case studies and discussion groups for learning.

The report also states that innovation and technology will benefit data and analytics, measurement and accountability, and customer experiences. ANA has suggested marketers invest more time in learning about innovation and technology.

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