Businesses should automate their customer services to meet their clients' needs digitally

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June 26, 2020, 1:52 PM UTC

Automation can also help companies save approximately 30% of customer support costs.

The surge in online ordering and delivery demands has increased the pressure on brands for providing customer service. This piece suggests companies should adopt automation solutions like chatbots to expand their customer service offerings without hiring additional workforce.

Businesses can leverage chatbots to assist customers in making informed purchase decisions. Chatbots can also offer useful advice to the customers or answer questions about specific products. Coupling chatbots with virtual reality to create digital fitting rooms for their shoppers.

Using chatbots in the delivery process can further benefit brands by reducing repetitive questions from customers regarding product deliveries during the pandemic. Chatbots can help customers track their orders in real-time and be informed about the exact date and time of their shipments.

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