Consumers across groups strongly support companies that speak out on racial issues

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June 25, 2020, 10:26 AM UTC

GfK surveyed US consumers for reactions to company responses to racial justice.

People have started noticing companies that are taking a stand on racial justice and want them to take action. Overall, 58% of consumers in the US believe brands have been “a force for good” in the protests. This number goes to 73% for African American consumers.

The support for brand activism is highest in large urban areas, with 74% of such consumers favouring brands that speak up against racial injustice. 74% of the respondents said companies’ current behaviour and response to equality would affect their future loyalty towards those brands.

Stacy Bereck, managing director of consumer insights for GfK said, “people’s strong response to the protests is linked to the COVID-19 pandemic”. She advises organisations to understand their employees and customers’ demands.

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