Opt for gated content to generate leads, use ungated content to attract organic search traffic

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June 24, 2020, 10:06 AM UTC

Depending on goals of sales or revenue or leads, businesses must choose how they wish to use gated or ungated content.

This article shares the benefits and downsides of using gated content and ungated content. Since the goal of gated content is lead generation, it requires a long term inbound strategy. New leads gained through gated content can help with email marketing, customising social media ads and high touch interactions.

However, gated content also means less SEO benefits and limited audience building. Freely available or ungated content is useful in attracting organic search traffic.

Since ungated content has high shareability, it works well towards achieving any reach and engagement goals. But ungated content fares comparatively poorly in retaining leads. It also makes it difficult to map customer behaviour very accurately.

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