Marketers must conduct brand research to build successful always-on B2B influencer programs

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June 24, 2020, 4:55 PM UTC

Always-on influencer program is an on-going practise of relationship building, engagement and activation of influencers necessary for building community, content and brand advocacy.  

Conducting brand research can help marketers gather insights needed for building an effective always-on influencers program, while also enabling them to collaborate with the most relevant industry expert. This piece suggests key questions that marketers should ask while conducting the research.

Businesses should consider their brand values and their uniqueness while conducting brand research. To identify their brand’s uniqueness, marketers can reach out to the key-team members, analyse mission statements and check recent press mentions among others.

Understanding how a brand is perceived among various stakeholders, including consumers and company management, can help marketers gather useful information. It can further help businesses to align brand solutions with those that their potential consumers are actually seeking.

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