Businesses should find new ways to drive meaningful human connection amid social isolation

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June 24, 2020, 6:28 PM UTC

People are struggling with the loss of connection and identity while being isolated.

This piece suggests strategies on how brands can compensate for the connection void that has occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses should find out new ways to drive meaningful engagement and facilitate the feeling of social bonding as customers experiment with new interactive experiences.

Brands can tap into emerging communities that are forming around new experiences to foster connections. Businesses can bring niche communities together to bolster interactive experiences. For instance, TikTok organised live streams that allowed bakers to showcase their bakery skills.

Businesses should also emphasise on purpose, and not passion, to help people who are looking for opportunities to support others in need during the crisis. But, brands should test their digital media experiments to find out what works best for their target audience and business objectives.  

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