Businesses should build their customer funnels around user behaviour on Instagram

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June 24, 2020, 4:29 PM UTC

Marketers should choose engagement over conversion as their campaign’s main objective.

This piece suggests marketers should utilise Instagram to reach out to their target audiences and understand their behaviour on the platform. Businesses should build campaigns to initiate interactions with the top of the funnel audiences. Once those audiences move down the funnel, marketers can then retarget them to enable conversions.

To target the middle of the funnel audiences, marketers should choose “Traffic” or lead generation objectives that offer value-added content to the users, instead of pushing them to make purchases. Marketers can offer informative content, like blog posts and eBooks, to nurture mid-funnel audiences.

But, businesses should use campaigns to build an ecosystem that delivers satisfactory experience throughout the funnel. Marketers should further see ad spending across funnels as one spend and give equal importance to each stage of the funnel.

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