Businesses can leverage videos to portray their unrecognised value in the industry

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June 24, 2020, 4:56 PM UTC

This piece focusses on a 5-point marketing strategy that has helped the surgical supply company WestCMR establish their value in the medical sector.

Businesses can create videos to engage with audiences that do not recognise their value in the industry. Creating videos focused on conveying the CEO’s vision and highlighting the organisation’s workflow can help brands clear misconceptions around the brand’s quality of products.

Brands can use professional quality photographs of their company warehouses, employees and the actual products, in their advertorials and online catalogues. They should also highlight the expiry dates and company logos on their product images to showcase the authenticity of their products.

Similar to WestCMR, brands can also promote sustainability messages that focus on environmental benefits, to reach a wider audience. For instance, they can contribute to philanthropic efforts in local communities to attract target audiences.

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