Boycotting advertising on Facebook goes beyond brand safety concerns

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June 24, 2020, 12:27 PM UTC

The boycott wishes to see Facebook amend its content policies.

With some brands reportedly saying they’ll suspend advertising on Facebook, this article gathers opinions of people in the industry regarding the boycott. Reprise’s Elijah Harris states that advertisers need to be shown what viable alternatives to Facebook could be.

While PHD’s Anthony Koziarski doesn’t recommend PHD’s clients join or not join the boycott, he notes that brands must define what their motivations and criteria are. Brand efforts must ultimately be concerted and sustainable to drive positive change, he adds.

Noting that “it’s about protecting the democracy”, The Media Kitchen’s Barry Lowenthal says that the boycott is about more than brand safety alone and that’s what differentiates it from past boycotts. OMD’s George Manas sees it as a discussion about brand activism and media budgets being used as a force for good.  

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