Marketers can leverage their social channels to grow their SMS subscribers list

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June 23, 2020, 9:26 AM UTC

Text messaging is a personal medium, which has high engagement rates and ROI.

Marketers can utilise the personal nature of text messaging to improve their marketing efforts. Brands can create highly targeted email campaigns to convert their email subscribers to SMS subscribers. They can also add clear call-to-action on their Instagram profile or posts to encourage consumers to sign up for branded text messages.

Businesses can use popups on their websites or “Swipe Up” on Instagram stories to enable easy sign up for marketing texts. But, marketers should segment users according to consumers’ purchasing behaviour to send hyper-focused and personalised text messages.

Marketers should also follow the TCPA and CTIA guidelines to comply with SMS regulations. They should also monitor their performance by keeping an eye on metrics like unsubscribe rate and total clicks.

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