Creating educational content can help brands enhance their LinkedIn content marketing efforts

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June 23, 2020, 9:20 AM UTC

Branded content should aim to help consumers resolve their current problems efficiently.

Monitoring trending topics on social platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Quora can help marketers identify their prospects’ current challenges and queries. Marketers should then design relevant and timely content on LinkedIn to solve consumer problems. This approach can help brands augment their lead generation strategy.

Marketers should utilise their LinkedIn content to provide actionable advice. While businesses can create content in any format, ranging from product videos to expert advice texts, marketers should let their personality to reflect in the content to humanise it. For instance, if someone likes football, they can use football references in their content. 

Content creators can make short and concise how-to-videos, and use testimonies to address their LinkedIn audiences’ scepticism about the branded products. Marketers should also ensure their content is unique and relevant.

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