Advertisers should continue investing in social media and paid search during the pandemic

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June 23, 2020, 5:34 PM UTC

Social media and paid search advertisements enable easy options to resume and pause adverts.

Though ad market dynamics and ad buyer behaviour has seen massive disruption during the economic downturn, consumer brands should continue advertising to be on top of consumers’ mind. But, marketers should leverage channels, like social media and paid search, which offer better flexibility and target audiences with purchase intent.

An IAB report found the coronavirus crisis will have an impact to similar to previous recessions and advertisers need not make any special considerations. The report further said apart from greater flexibility, social media and digital adverts are also offering the best deals at the moment.

Marketers can also consider geofencing campaigns to target customers within particular geographical boundaries. It can help brands effectively reach local consumers with new messaging regarding re-opening, special offers and safety measures.

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