Branded testimonials should provide specific insights into the company’s solutions

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June 23, 2020, 5:12 PM UTC

Testimonials should point out the brands’ skill set and areas of expertise, instead of generic platitudes.

This piece suggests ways for content marketers to obtain or draft effective testimonials for their clients. Testimonials should highlight the brand’s professional attributes to convey a clear picture of their core offerings. Marketers should also encourage clients to draft testimonies that highlight how a particular solution has solved their problem.

Businesses should include statistics and figures in their testimonials to give insights into the ROI and effectiveness of a solution. Marketers can ask consumers to share screenshots, which brands can use as data points to boost the credibility of their testimonies. 

Marketers can conduct interviews to collect authentic consumer feedback. But, they should ask customised and informed questions to get detailed answers. Marketers should also ask for clarifications or elucidation and rephrase points, if necessary.

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