Marketers should explore older technologies for delivering satisfactory user experiences

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June 22, 2020, 10:02 AM UTC

Finding innovative solutions with pre-existing tools and data can help brands effectively target audiences.

While the disappearance of third-party cookies could be problematic for businesses, they do not necessarily need to lean on new technologies for audience targetting. This piece argues first-party data would be sufficient for the publishers to attract new advertisers and be safe and transparent.

Businesses can also leverage traditional contextual advertising and couple it with artificial intelligence and deep learning to target audiences. Another alternative could be to collaborate with bigger publishers, other niche publishers, a management firm or a customer data partner, that have pre-built clean processes, people and plans.

Companies should strive to be creative while leveraging first-party data for effective results. It can be a better alternative than new identifiers like independent IDs and hashed email, which can be a potential privacy minefield.

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