Create a visualised presentation of survey responses to understand underlying trends

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June 22, 2020, 7:14 AM UTC

Segmenting survey respondents into groups based on demographics can provide reliable data.

This piece suggests survey practices marketers can use to gather accurate results with clearer data to point their businesses in the right direction. First off, set survey goals and clearly highlight targeted audiences to help with decision-making and craft appropriate questions.

Marketers can include images and videos to clarify questions and create a visualised presentation of responses to understand trends better. Using tailored and precise language for targeted audiences is recommended to help them understand the questions clearly while reducing redundancies and technical terms.

Brands must create short and upfront surveys with easy questions to reduce abandonment rates and facilitate survey completions. Avoid asking two questions in one, provide multiple options, and ask open-ended questions towards the end to gather accurate answers and ensure survey completion.

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