Brands should empathise with their stakeholders to provide satisfactory social care

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June 22, 2020, 6:27 PM UTC

Social care uses social media as a channel to provide critical insights into trends and clients’ issues.

Social media has changed the dynamics of communication that brands had with their stakeholders. It now involves an important element called social care that brands can leverage to communicate with their clients. This piece argues decision making involved in social care should be based on ethical and honest grounds.

Organisations should carefully listen to the information they receive from stakeholders to leverage social care effectively. Brands should focus more on serving the stakeholders’ needs, instead of only worrying about personal gains.

Social care representatives should ensure that the client’s privacy and personal information are secure on social media. They should only use personal information to meet their clients’ individual needs. Communicators should also provide complete disclosure to the stakeholders if they use or store their data.

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