Brands can use their existing audiences to widen reach through Instagram stories

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June 22, 2020, 4:25 PM UTC

The strategy can also help build social proof.

This piece suggests businesses can use their existing audiences to increase reach, warm-up and convert new leads. They can encourage their Instagram followers to post a picture on their Instagram stories celebrating their purchase while tagging the brand.

Businesses can use question stickers in Instagram stories to start a conversation with their audiences or collect contact information from the story viewers. Businesses can further tag larger accounts in their stories to improve discoverability.

Brands with 10 thousand or more followers can also use the swipe up feature to get followers to their emails lists. Brands with less than 10 thousand followers can swipe up to an IGTV video in their stories. They can also lead viewers to external sites by including links in the IGTV video description.

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