Approaching content writing with a people-first strategy can help brands optimise for SEO

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June 22, 2020, 1:51 AM UTC

Create content titles and subheads with relevant keywords to boosts search rankings.

This article suggests implementing SEO strategies throughout the content creation process to improve search ranking and attract target audiences. Research keywords based on what audiences are searching for and target potential publications with expertise for guest-contributed articles to improve SEO.

Brands can also optimise for search by writing helpful, educational, engaging, and digestible content with a people-first approach, along with relevant keywords and phrases for voice search. Highlighting long-tail keywords, variations and related links with summaries can help marketers create organised content pieces.

Edit content copies to spot missed keyword opportunities, irrelevant or damaged hyperlinks, and format content copies for mobile readability. Adding alt-texts for images and creating SEO title tags and meta descriptions makes content more accessible, while enhancing search ranks and driving click-through rates.

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