28% of consumers have protective and negative attitudes towards COVID-19

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June 22, 2020, 8:33 AM UTC

AnalyticsIQ identified four pandemic personas – “On guard cynics”, “Careful optimists”, “Lax dreamers” and “Remiss pessimists”.

The report identified 28% of consumers as “On guard cynics”, with a protective and negative attitude, who prioritised purchasing soap, sanitizer, OTC medication, and masks. However, 23% are “Careful optimists”, with positive and protective behaviours. They spend on masks, gloves, and herbal products.

Of those polled, 19% are “Remiss pessimists”, people with a negative outlook who didn’t participate in protective behaviours but spend on alcohol, DIY projects, and apparel. 30% are “Lax dreamers” with a positive outlook that don’t practise any protective behaviours. They do buy household cleaners, groceries, and medications.

On guard cynics are practicing non-medicinal techniques in their health and wellness routine, while careful optimists are journaling, meditating, and calling family. Remiss optimists and lax dreamers are drinking alcohol, praying, and cleaning amid pandemic.

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