Brands should offer alternative value-added services while their products are out of stock

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June 19, 2020, 5:40 PM UTC

It can help them maintain their relationships with the buyers until the supply chain stabilises.

This piece suggests brand should figure out ways to provide value to their customers while they restock the products that are on high demand during this crisis. For instance, they can offer free access to premium services for a certain time span.

To maintain a long-term relationship with customers, companies should offer them the flexibility to place and cancel orders. Businesses should also ease out their cancellation policies and allow buyers to effortlessly cancel the order before its shipping starts.

Marketers should also keep their websites and marketing strategies up to date as per the products’ availability. Businesses should maintain transparency on their websites regarding the availability of their products. Running ads for the products that are no longer available can negatively affect brands’ reputation.

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