Video content types should align with the overall marketing strategy to support key goals

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June 18, 2020, 10:14 AM UTC

Analysing video metrics, like view count, can help brands measure their performance against the goals set.

This piece suggests steps marketers can take to create successful videos for social media marketing. At the onset, fix video marketing goals like brand awareness and conversions to identify funnelling stage for each goal and create highly effective call-to-action.

Brands should keep in mind the overall social media marketing strategy, and key goals to achieve, while creating video types like educational, testimonials, and more. Select social media platforms that complement each other, and understand their dimension requirements while repurposing videos.

Planning a systematic content production strategy is recommended to save time and resources. Further, plan post-production steps, like text overlays and call-to-action screens according to the platform. Video management tools can help marketers schedule publishing and promote videos on social media.

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