Online retailers must conduct regular shipping audits

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June 18, 2020, 1:02 AM UTC

The cost savings discovered through audits can be diverted towards revenue-producing business areas.

With supply chains being disrupted due to the pandemic, this article suggests ways in which online retailers can improve fulfilment capacity, reduce outbound shipping cost and more. The author recommends trying new software solutions as some might give better discounts and could reduce fulfilment time and reduce shipping errors.

Checking the rates of various softwares available in the market and comparing the features is suggested. Businesses that are currently juggling multiple carriers, rates and shipping methods, must try to find a single carrier that could eagerly pick up the required shipping volume and provide a lucrative deal.

Online retailers must also be conscious of conducting regular shipping audits. Conducting them once or twice a year can help discover cost savings that can compress shipping costs by as much as 20%.

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