Marketers should create multistep popups to collect deep consumer insights needed for personalisatio

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June 18, 2020, 4:23 PM UTC

Research found popups with a second step see 76% subscribers inputting more details.

This piece recommends marketers should use multistep popups to collect detailed consumer information. Marketers can use the first step of the popup to gather consumers’ contact details, while the latter stage can help gain deeper insights about customer lifestyle.

Gathering more first-party consumer data can not only give businesses an edge over their competitors but also enable better email personalisation and drive clicks and conversions. But, marketers should keep a maximum of two input fields to make sure the additional fields don’t add friction to the popup.

Online businesses can also create multiple popups, each popup specifically designed for each stage of the buyers’ journey, instead of creating a uniform popup. Creating mobile-specific popups can further help enhance the user experience.

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