Create tailored marketing outreach focused on emotional needs of the consumers amid COVID-19

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June 18, 2020, 12:20 PM UTC

Collaborate virtually with influencers, industry analysts and customers to maintain and build meaningful relationships.

Companies must reassess and evolve their marketing messages to embrace the “new normal” as they re-approach consumers post-pandemic. With socioeconomic shifts affecting consumer loyalty, investing in SEO initiatives, and creating relevant and optimised content for target audiences is recommended.

Focus on the emotional needs of consumers and tailor marketing outreach strategies to build connections with them, rather than just trying to convert them. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can help brands hyper-target consumers and deliver personalised content based on their past behaviour.

To enhance brand engagement with consumers who are quarantined at home, live-streaming events, virtual reality, and augmented campaigns are suggested. Marketers must stop being apologetic, and create messages that help consumers “step away from the current scenario”.

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