Brands should lean in on empathy and ethics to renew trust among the customers

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June 18, 2020, 12:54 PM UTC

Companies that are light in ethics might see a smaller rebound in the post-COVID-19 world than they expected.

Marketers need to reconsider their existing marketing strategies to keep pace with COVD-19 induced changing trends the like digitisation of tools and platforms. Brands should keep their values and ethics strong in their marketing strategies to meet customers' changing consumption habits.

Businesses should take a stand and speak up on important issues to foster trust and respect from customers. They also need to be empathic with their employees and allay the mistrust and fear that might have arisen during the lockdown.

With remote working options now being preferred, companies should pivot management style to provide more structural remote work systems to their employees. Organisations should learn to collaborate better within their businesses.

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