Brands should create their own niche to fill the gaps left by supersites in the market

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June 18, 2020, 3:10 PM UTC

Search engines like Google give more relevance to the sites with a broader range of products in specific areas.

This piece argues it is essential for brands to work with supersites such as Amazon, to expand their reach without investing in expensive infrastructure. But, businesses should also create their own space and assign resources to strategize their marketing efforts accordingly.

Marketers should understand their audiences to provide content in areas where supersites are unable to deliver. Analysing customer journeys and providing relevant content throughout the sales funnel can help brands establish their expertise and authority in the chosen areas.

Brands can further collaborate with appropriate marketplaces and add their inventory onto the supersites like Amazon for enhanced visibility. Marketers can also select alternative sales channels to be present at more touchpoints and remain front-of-mind for customers.

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