Brands must pay close attention to AI algorithms to avoid bias from creeping into their campaigns

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June 18, 2020, 5:58 PM UTC

Marketers sometimes use AI unknowingly on popular platforms like Google and Facebook.

Utilising Artificial Intelligence-powered tools can help marketers save time, money as well as enhance their marketing efforts. But, marketers should be careful about how AI tools can affect the portrayal of different groups in their campaigns.

AI programs can inherit biases about gender, race and social status from programmers and the data available to it. Automated programs can also potentially magnify biases, which already exist in the supporting applications or have been unintentionally applied in a campaign.

An MIT Technological Review article found that Facebook’s ad-serving algorithm prefers “certain groups of people over others”, even if the advertiser wants to focus on diverse groups. Marketers need to be vigilant about keeping the human aspects of the marketing intact.

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