B2B marketers should address consumers’ personal priorities along with their business needs

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June 18, 2020, 1:34 PM UTC

Consumers are more than 50% likely to buy when they see personal value in choosing a brand, according to a study from Google.

Companies should make their businesses more valuable by offering solutions that can address both the business needs and personal requirements of their clients. Companies can create content that addresses the consumers’ professional goals or ways they can demonstrate value in the team, to build a stronger relationship with their clients.

Marketers should showcase solutions that help clients achieve bigger goals by focusing on small, incremental improvements. Businesses should further focus on “delivering micro-moments of value” by generating relevant content and ideas that answer consumer questions.

The author suggests B2B brands should take a stand for social causes and create empathic and personally resonating relevant stories. This can help reach consumers who are looking for reassurance and guidance during this crisis.

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