Syndicate content with sites having higher authority to get credible backlinks

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June 17, 2020, 1:56 AM UTC

Content syndication options like press releases, co-marketing, guest blogging, paid syndication and more helps in content promotion.

This article suggests content syndication strategies marketers can adopt to enhance brand authority, increase leads, improve website traffic, and more. Set specific goals and metrics like conversion to measure syndication efforts effectively.

Collaborate with websites that have greater authority to gain credible backlinks, while improving the website’s ranking and SEO. Paying popular sites or mainstream media to syndicate or republish content can further help brands raise awareness and augment their reach and exposure.

Brands must select appropriate syndication partners with a good reputation and right audience type. Attracting interested readers through gated content can help increase leads. Create relevant and quality content aligned with sales funnel, and post frequently to convert potential prospects.

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