Survey reveals 58% of consumers open emails that flash deals or discounts in their subject lines

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June 17, 2020, 5:40 PM UTC

SparkPost’s survey looks into consumer response to marketing communications from retail brands.

The survey reveals that 53% of consumers said they “always” or “usually” open emails that include information about brands’ products. 58% of consumers said they open emails with a subject line that highlights a deal or discount.

Data also suggests retailers should use emails for post-purchase engagement to drive future revenue. 64% of consumers said they want brands to send them information like special deals/discounts on future purchases, through emails after their first purchase.

While consumers seem to prefer using email communications as a research tool rather than as a purchasing channel, retailers do not second the thought. Only 18% of consumers said they click ‘buy’ through email communication, while 50% of brand marketers reported emails are ‘very important’ to drive conversion.

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