Leveraging high performing content in other formats can help enhance organic traffic

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June 17, 2020, 3:37 PM UTC

Updating low performing content with useful and relevant information can help improve rankings.

Marketers should utilise their top-performing content to create new content in different forms. For instance, top-ranked articles can be converted into infographics and videos. Similarly, older popular topics can be resuscitated by looking at them through a different perspective. It can save marketers’ time and help them reach new audiences as well as reinforce concepts in their audiences’ minds.

Producing content around different niches can help marketers address consumer pain points.  Businesses can also collaborate with content marketing agencies to build the foundation of effective SEO-friendly articles.

The author recommends marketers can also update their low-performing content with valuable resources and helpful advice. But, they should avoid technical jargon to help readers’ easily understand their content.

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