Digital transformation has become essential for businesses to survive the post-pandemic scenario

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June 17, 2020, 5:45 PM UTC

But, marketers should consider security factors involved in digitisation can increase data security risks.

The coronavirus crisis has changed both the consumer as well as brand behaviour. Depending upon the type of business operations, organisations should innovate new digital strategies like creating digital products to survive the post-pandemic world.

Businesses can collect consumer data or buy it from third-party sources to engage current and potential customers in new ways. They can then use website analytics platforms to analyse audience data and gather in-depth insights into their target market. It can help them deliver personalised experiences to their loyal customers.

Companies can also leverage competitive intelligence tools to keep an eye on their competitors. It can help them identify product gaps, new opportunities, and potential negative marketing attacks. Monitoring competitors’ digitisation efforts can also help brands avoid an online reputation crisis.

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