Brands should pivot their crisis messages according to their business values

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June 17, 2020, 1:04 PM UTC

Greater importance needs to be placed on consumer sentiments during this pandemic.

Marketers should acknowledge the crisis and communicate in an appropriate tone to their consumers to avoid appearing as tone-deaf. Branded content should address individual consumer needs while recognising that each consumer is different and are going through personal struggles during the crisis.

Businesses should stay true to their values and offer services that were being provided pre-COVID. For example, Costco continued offering products without any market-based price gouging and continue accepting product returns from unhappy consumers. However, they should inform consumers how they are taking steps to protect their employees and customers.

Customers are understanding about current disruptions, but they also expect updated information in advance. It is not necessary to include COVID-19 in each message, but brands should not completely ignore the issue.

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