Brands must uphold social values and take stances with integrity and good intentions

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June 17, 2020, 2:43 AM UTC

Recruit and retain diverse talents and educate the public about social purposes to bring about changes.

This article suggests parameters brands can adopt to strike the right tone and responsible behaviour among consumers while taking a stance. Despite, chances of public outrage, its necessary for brands to be intentional in choosing their stances, to evoke changes in a constructive manner.

Take a stance with good intentions and integrity, and uphold social values in marketing campaigns. While stances could bring in business benefits, profit mustn’t be the primary motivator for taking a stand as this could damage the brand reputation and consumers will likely see through the inauthentic attempts.

Companies should responsibly address stereotypes in their social campaigns while aligning the message with their actions. Communicating with consumers about social purposes and following up with relevant actions is recommended.

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